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CJ Drainage

CJ Drainage is a dedicated environmental team specialising in the installation of Off main and Foul Drainage, Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants.

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Off Main and Foul Drainage

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Septic Tanks

Only the finest quality Septic Tank brands are installed.

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Sewage Treatment Plants

Latest Environment Agency Compliant installations.

Sewage and Water Treatment Specialists

Misbehaving and smelly septic tanks, expensive cesspits and outdated clinker beds can easily be upgraded. Packaged sewage treatment plants have never been so easy and simple to install, converting foul waste into clean water. We only install top brand manufacturers backed with guarantees and fully compliant with the latest european standards.

Civil Engineering (Installation Works)

CJ Drainage offers solutions for all types of issues concerning single or multi dwelling complexes. Our expertise also cover offices and commercial sites.

We have been installing septic tanks and sewage treatment plants in Kent, Surrey, and Sussex in the South East of United Kingdom for over 35 years. We install all types of foul drainage systems to treat domestic and commercial sewage, including septic tanks, soakaways, sewage treatment plants, cesspools and pumping stations.

We have a long standing working relationship with Klargester, Matrix, Marsh, GRAF and KEE. Ground conditions vary from site to site and therefore require different types and makes of systems. We therefore supply and install the full range of Klargester systems including the Biodisc, Biotec, Bioficient sewage treatment plants and all ranges of septic tanks and pumping stations.

When installing your new sewage treatment plant we offer a full design and installation service which includes feasibility studies, surveys and percolation tests. We also advise on type and plant size as well as submitting all applications to the Environment Agency and Local Authorities.

Sewage Treatment Plant

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Environment Agency Legislation for New & Existing Sewage Treatment Systems & Septic Tanks

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You must install a sewage treatment plant to treat the sewage. If you’re discharging to a surface water such as a river or stream a sewage treatment plant (also known as a package treatment plant) uses proven methods to treat the liquid so it’s clean enough to go into a river, stream or any watercourse

Note: Discharges from septic tanks directly to a surface water are not allowed under the general binding rules.

If you have a septic tank that discharges directly to a surface water you will need to replace or upgrade your treatment system by 1 January 2020. Where properties with septic tanks that discharge directly to surface water are sold before 1 January 2020, responsibility for the replacement or upgrade of the existing treatment system should be addressed between the buyer and seller as a condition of sale. 

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Sewage Treatment Plants

We provide complete Sewage Treatment Plant Solutions, offering solutions for all scenarios, including sewage and waste water treatment tanks for all sizes of domestic dwelling, septic tank replacement or conversion and upgrade of existing systems, as well as full packaged sewage treatment plants for new builds.

We at have installed and commissioned many thousands of these in small residential rural dwellings to hospitals.

To see some of the rules regarding the discharge of waste water to surface water please see the details provided by the Environment Agency here : General Binding Rules For Small Sewage Discharge. 

CJ Sewage can provide full design packages including a free site assessment as part of a site visit to ensure that your home, plant, commercial building are fully compliant with the new Environment Agency regulations.

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Sewage Treatment Plant

Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks are watertight triple-walled heavy duty plastic tanks that are used for the storage, and processing of wastewater and sewage. They are used where there is no possibility to be connected to the mains sewage pipes. CJ Sewage Treatment has installed many of these over the years we have been in business. From large commercial tanks to smaller residential tanks and we are approved installers of Klargester Systems including:

CJ Sewage Treatment – the one name to call for all your Septic Tank inquiries. 

Septic Tank Being Installed In Garden
Septic tank being installed


Cesspits are underground tanks that capture sewage and wastewater. They are completely sealed and watertight, apart from a single manhole cover for access.

Cesspits are measured in litres but sizes are available based on the number of people in a residence or commercial property. Cesspits will need to be emptied regularly, and the regularity of the cesspit emptying will depend on the capacity and frequency of use of toilets in the property. Cesspits are usually installed where the ground is unsuitable for soak away treatment due to the property being sited close to a watercourse or drinking water supplies.

Cesspit installed under chippings
Sewage treatment plant

Tank: 12 person biotech 2 deep invert sewage treatment plant

Client: Private

Location: Kent

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Tank: 200 person pumped outlet Klagseter sewage treatment plant

Client: Bright Horizons Spingfield Lodge 

Location: Dartford

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Tank: 50 person low profile Klagseter sewage treatment plant

Client: Tarmac building material company

Location: Battle, East Sussex

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