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Cesspits for sewage & waste water capture

Survey, Preparation & Installation

Cesspits are underground tanks that capture sewage and wastewater. They are completely sealed and watertight, apart from a single manhole cover for access.

Cesspits are measured in litres but sizes are available based on the number of people in a residence or commercial property. Cesspits will need to be emptied regularly, and the regularity of the cesspit emptying will depend on the capacity and frequency of use of toilets in the property. Cesspits are usually installed where the ground is unsuitable for soak away treatment due to the property being sited close to a watercourse or drinking water supplies.

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Need to replace or upgrade your cesspit?

If you are experiencing problems with an old Cesspit, where the evidence is that the Cesspit has started to leak, then we suggest the replacement and a new survey and replacement more modern system installed for your wastewater and sewage treatment. We are on hand to receive calls and offer advice, quickly and efficiently. CJ Sewage Treatment has been using out tried and tested process of 1. Survey 2. Preparation 3. Installation for over 30 years. Please contact us via phone or email for a no obligation chat to discuss your particular problems and find out how Cj Sewage Treatment can help.

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