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Sewage Treatment Plants

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Complete sewage treatment plant preparation & installation

A Sewage Treatment Plant is similar to a Septic Tank, but with the one big difference. There are electromechanical parts within the Sewage Treatment plant that help aerate and breakdown the bacteria more effectively than a Septic Tank. The output from a Sewage Treatment Plant is also a lot more environmentally friendly than a Septic Tank or Cesspit.

Sewage Treatment Plants work by the sewage and wastewater from the property entering a settlement tank where the solids and the liquid are separated. The liquid then flows into the aeration chamber where a motor and filter combination thoroughly aerate the liquid. This encourages good bacteria to be formed and help break down the liquid even further. The bacteria breaking down the matter also helps to purify the waste to a level of approximately 95% cleanliness.

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The final part of the Sewage Treatment Plant is a humus chamber, the effluent is typically 95% clean at this stage. From here the contents can be safely discharged to a watercourse or soakaway without harming the environment. This is a legal requirement by the Environment Agency.

CJ Sewage Treatment plants are among the finest installation plants in the UK. We take pride in what we do, delivering a service and quality that enable us to offer 5 year guarantees on our work.


These are now the legal requirements of Septic Tank discharges of waste liquid.

Using The Correct Treatment System Is Essential And A Legal Requirement


Small Sewage Treatment Plants are also known as Package Treatment Plants and need to be used to treat the raw sewage if you’re discharging to river or stream. Streams and rivers are known as surface water.

What is a Package Treatment Plant ?

Package Treatment Plants are self contained and use mechanical parts to treat the liquid so it’s clean enough to go into a river or stream. Septic plants need now to have a ‘Treatment Package’ enabled either as a secondary function or inbuilt into the main treatment plan itself. CJ Sewage Works have over 30 years experience working in this field.

On 1st January 2020 saw this become law. This means that any houses, commercial building or facility that has a Septic Tank before this time must agree as part of the contract of sale the agreed upgrade of the Septic Tank or replacement of the Septic Tank to enable the safe release of the waste to surface water.

The Environment Agency have been really strict in enforcing the upgrade to the septic tanks. So don’t take the chance of a heavy fine, consult with us today to find a solution that works for you.

There are options and these may include :

  1. Having to connect to mains sewage
  2. Installation of a drainage field so the waste discharge can filter through a filter installation
  3. Upgrade of your Septic Tank to a small Sewage Treatment Plant
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Soakaway Field

Soakaway fields are an important part of the Sewage Treatment Plant process.  These need to be carefully designed and built. If these are poorly installed the results can result in a reduced performing Sewage Treatment Plant or at worst complete failure. The cost impact can be more than the initial cost to have the Sewage Treatment Plant installed in the first place. These have to be got right.

We at CJ Sewage Treatment Plants have been installing these for over 30 years. Our expertise is second to none. So don’t scrimp on getting a quality installer like CJ Sewage Treatment.

  • Leading brands only supplied and fitted
  • 5 Year Guarantees
  • Fully insured
  • No third party contractors only our team 100% of the time
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Project: 12 person biotech 2 deep invert sewage treatment plant

Client: Private

Location: Kent

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Project: 8 Person Sewage Treatment Plant

Location: Petersfield

Image Description: Drainage Field Installation as part of the soakaway infrastructure for the Sewage Treatment Plant installation.

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Project: Garage base built over existing cesspit requiring steel reinforcement

Client: Private

Location: Storrington

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Project: Sewage Treatment Plant


Image Description: Drainage Field After Completing A Large 16 Person Sewage Treatment Plant.

Date: March 2020

Location: Petersfield

PHOTO 2019 12 05 09 25 43

Location: New Forest

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Project: Sewage Treatment Plant

Location: Guildford

Image Description: Drainage Field The Last Part Of The Functioning Sewage Treatment Plant.

Date: July 2019

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Sewage Treatment Plants

Environment agency compliant sewage treatment plant installations

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